7 x 7 x 7

7x7x7 challengeI was tagged a long time ago to the 7x7x7 challenge by JR Szpila. The challenge is this: On your WIP, go to page seven, start at line seven, and post the next seven lines. I picked my 7 from The Runaway Queen. Here they are for your enjoyment!

…king regent until she turned eighteen, he had almost immediately arranged the marriage between the two. Ruby had enjoyed freedom as the spare heir, and even when Jasper left and she became the heir to the throne, her father had failed to arrange a marriage for her. She had been deep in her grief when Larimar announced the betrothal, and had not objected, not that it would have done any good. In the two years that followed, she had done her best…

I challenge you – yes, you! – to the 7x7x7 challenge! I would love to see your 7 in the comments, or if you post them somewhere else, share the link with me below. Have fun!

See you Wednesday with another great author interview! <3 Cassidy

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