Free-Write Friday: A Muse-ical

audience-868074_1920First, a confession. I have NOT been good at free-writing this week. I have been killing it on the first draft of Book 2, writing over 7,000 words this week, but I have not been putting aside the time to write much in the mornings. I’m still going to share a little something, but it’s not much. Make sure you read to the end, because I have a challenge for you!

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Free-Write Friday: A Touch of Diamond

diamond-741754_960_720Free-writing is a wonderful tool that allows your imagination to stretch and create whole new worlds that you didn’t know were there, waiting for your discovery. I’ve dabbled in so many different places and with so many different characters that I always feel inspired; there is always something waiting for me on the pages.

Remember last week when I mentioned that the lovely Jasmine had joined me in my free-writing endeavors? She gave me permission today to share her flash fiction piece entitled “A Touch of Diamond.”

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Free-Write Friday: A Contemporary Tale

paper-1100254_1920I want to start this Free-Write Friday with a shout-out to aspiring writer Jasmine Melancon, who was inspired by my posts to free-write her own flash fiction last Friday. Go follow this writer, poet, and music lover on Twitter for more about her!

I struggled this week to find an excerpt from my free-writing journal to share this week. I wrote one more excerpt from Hail, a couple of contemporary stories from prompts, and then started playing around with secondary characters from The Runaway Queen, writing back stories and possible prequel material. I’m not ready to share those, even though they were my favorites. Instead, I’m going to post one of the contemporary excerpts, which also happens to be the longest piece that I wrote this week. ((FYI, I’m rating it PG-13 because of some language.))

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