Free-Write Friday: A Muse-ical

audience-868074_1920First, a confession. I have NOT been good at free-writing this week. I have been killing it on the first draft of Book 2, writing over 7,000 words this week, but I have not been putting aside the time to write much in the mornings. I’m still going to share a little something, but it’s not much. Make sure you read to the end, because I have a challenge for you!

After beta reading a manuscript about two characters who connect through their mutual love for music, I’ve been thinking a lot about how difficult it is to write about music since it’s obviously something that people use their ears, not their eyes, to experience. I remember one of my MCs was a dancer in my YA project in college, and it was so difficult for me to portray dancing and music through words.

I started messing around with it and got a couple of paragraphs down before I ran out the door yesterday morning. Here we go:

The music pulses like a heartbeat. I feel it in my feet, in my gut, in my brain behind my eyes. My body moves of its own accord – a creature of the beat and the tempo. Beside me, my best friend Sammy grabs my hand, interlacing our fingers until I can’t tell whose fingers are whose. Her boyfriend, Kent, has Sammy’s other hand. Together, we tether her to the ground; she’s so small, she could easily be swept up in the tide of the crowd, passed hand to hand overhead, and we would lose her.  

“This is so awesome!” Sammy shouts into my ear. Sammy is a person of words – she needs them to understand and appreciate her experiences. Not like me. I just need the music.

I challenge you, free-writers, to write a few hundred words on music. Show me how it’s done and leave it in the comments!

Next week, I have a guest post planned, and an author feature on a YA author. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Until Monday! <3 Cassidy

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