Free-Write Friday: A Touch of Diamond

diamond-741754_960_720Free-writing is a wonderful tool that allows your imagination to stretch and create whole new worlds that you didn’t know were there, waiting for your discovery. I’ve dabbled in so many different places and with so many different characters that I always feel inspired; there is always something waiting for me on the pages.

Remember last week when I mentioned that the lovely Jasmine had joined me in my free-writing endeavors? She gave me permission today to share her flash fiction piece entitled “A Touch of Diamond.”

“A Touch of Diamond,” by Jasmine Melancon

Be cool. Be collected. This isn’t the end of the world, but it seems like it’s the end of life.

The slow settling beats of the song makes the beating of my heart race as Trevor’s hands slides down across the curves of my hips and almost down further. I’m not settling with this. My hands grab his just in time before they cause trouble.

“Hey, bae. Don’t be so stiff, all right?”

“I told you I’m not your ‘bae’. I’m just your dance partner, okay? Don’t push it.”

I become stiff in my dance flow as the Super Intendant of the Crystal Guards eyes me directly, clipboard and pen in hand. She quickly jot down something, stares back at me one last time, then dodges away between other dance couples on the dance floor.

Trevor notices my reaction and squeezes me tight that loosens up again.

“I said stop it!”

“Relax. Stop talking and we’ll make it through the night.”

Alive. If we make it through alive.

If only we have the free will to do what we want, and if only we have the power to stop all of this, then this would be all over. But it’s not happening that way.

I roll my eyes, semi-attitude wise, and place my very best fake-natural smile for Miss Security Guard and The Perv.

Trevor’s eyes grows wide in anticipation. “Oh yeah. I like it when you smile that way, babe. You’re clever and sexy all at the same time.”

“Just shut up and dance will ya?” I whisper harshly through fake teeth and batted eyelashes.

Trevor shrugs his shoulders and continues to slow jam with me and the rest of the wannabe crowd. No one’s talking much as they would in any other slow dance but there’s something unsettling about it.

My mind starts to buzz uncontrollably loud, ringing in my brain. I’m certain that the whole room can hear it, even Trevor. It can’t happen now. I’m dead.

My heart, as I can feel and imagine, becomes enlighten with energy, then coursing through my veins. My fake smile melts, and I can breathe again- alive, but already gone.

Trevor’s eyes bulge at me then loosen his grip on me altogether. A tap on my shoulders shakes up my insides and my ringing suddenly fades away. “Come with me, Miss Talahand.”

A rush runs right through me, telling me to lose control and let my fire spit right in her face.

I flash around to see the Super Intendant staring at me, dead and lifeless. “Fine. I will, but let me be clear: My soul will live on to save what was ours in the first place.”

“I would stay quiet if I were you, Diamond. Don’t ruin it for the rest of your peers.”

My face inches up to hers with no regrets. “It already has.”

“Your kind had always amused me. No Diamond has ever survived, so neither will you.”

Trevor is pulled away by the Crystal Guards. “Hey… Stop it!” He’s being dragged away violently through the crowd- unalarmed by any of this. Typical of the Crystal crowd.

Now I’m being pulled away by guards as well but I decide to fight. Shove. Push. Hit! I run across the room, pushing through fake bodies, fake hairs- deaths ahead of any new life left in this world…

…until I’m finally out of energy and decide to let them take me alive.

The Super Intendant meets me face-to-face one last time. “Don’t resist. Always remember in your mind that no one’s going to remember your existence. It’s time for you to go, Miss Talahand.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

She glares back suspiciously. “Poor soul. You don’t know what the Underworld has in store for you.” And just like that, she walks away, leaving me speechless as this is it.

One tiny Energy Drop forms in one palm and I sneak a drop of it on the floor as I’m being dragged down the hallway out the ballroom. I can hear it touch the ground and I become extremely hopeful.

It’s all up to you, now.

The room is small metal and cold. Injections are insulated in my bloodstream as the countdown of the Crystal Purge begins. My hole senses are drugged away and the excited voices of the student body rings tasteless to my denying ears. Five… Four… Three… Two… One…

I smile. I smile at the world for coming back once more after I’m done with my death wish. It’s well worth it. My energy drop will do its job. I believe in it. Soon, nature will change more into Crystal Death, but no worries. I’m just fine.

This was my last dance, and to say this well make it all the more phenomenal: Love is not over. A new dance will be reborn again…

Ooh, I’m intrigued! Follow Jasmine on Twitter for more of her writing, and if you wrote something this week, feel free to share it in the comments or with me at Come back next week for a guest post and an author feature! Can’t wait!

Until Monday! <3 Cassidy

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