2FS8R15QYNI subscribe to Susan Dennard’s email list, and her newsletter last week was titled, “Tapping Into the Power of Free-Writing.” In it, she explains that free-writing for her is like exercising her creative muscles. She does it every morning in her journal, and has been doing it for about three months without missing a single day.

Meh, I thought. I don’t need that.

I was wrong.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of entering a flash fiction contest at Operation Awesome for a few weeks, but have never been able to get anything ready for submission. I’ve been so busy with revisions for “The Runaway Queen” and working on my Camp NaNoWriMo project, that I thought I wouldn’t have time.

Last week’s prompt was “Argument” and the word count was 200. I saw that on Friday night and on Saturday morning, I sat down with my pen and my bowl of cereal and banged out a five-hundred word flash fiction piece in the time it took me to eat my breakfast. Imagine my surprise – it was fun! It was easy! It was quick! It took a couple more passes for me to whittle it down to 200 words, and then I hit submit by Saturday evening.

I am now a convert, and plan to follow in Dennard’s footsteps with regular free-writing every morning. It also gives me a nice excuse to buy pretty journals. I’m going to start Free-Writing Friday where I’ll share some of my entries from the week. See you then!

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