LZYIBVMEQ1 I used to have a blog, many years ago before they were called blogs. Back when opendiary and livejournal were sources of infinite angst and bad teenage poetry. But I haven’t had a blog since then, and now I don’t know how to start, where to begin. I’m a writer now! I should be able to write something witty and interesting! But I’ve always been a writer. And I’ve never really known what to say. The only thing different is that now I’ve got a book deal.

So this will be my place to talk about reading and writing, and how I do those things while simultaneously raising kids and working a full-time job. I welcome you to contact me via the “Contact Me” page, or connect with me at the social media links found on the “About Me” page. Please also check out news on my books in the menu above.

2 Responses to “Introduction

  • Ashley Johnson
    6 years ago

    I still have one of your first short stories!!! You wrote a story for Val and I going on vacation to the beach. 🙂 Congrats and can’t wait to read!

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