The Dry Season (The Lost Fields #0.5)

Before the rains fell, the skies were dry.

Jamisen Malstrom is the oldest of the three Malstrom sisters, and a fierce protector of her family and her kingdom of Hail. When all are threatened by an ambitious prince of a neighboring kingdom, Jamisen will stop at nothing to ensure their safety.

THE DRY SEASON is a prequel short story in The Lost Fields series, available for free here. Add it to your Goodreads shelf here.

When Rains Fall (The Lost Fields #1), out December 2017

When rains fall and tides rise, you must decide on which shore you stand.

Sibba Hallowtide has never felt like a Fielding, but fierce loyalty to her mother has always kept her close to home. When tragedy strikes, Sibba suddenly has a chance to leave the Fields in search of independence. But unless she can rescue her brother and return him to his rightful place as chief, the duty of clan leadership will fall onto her shoulders.

Rayne Crowheart is not just any rebel, but the daughter of the Casuin emperor, estranged from her family from the time she was only 12. Now, five years later, with the training of an assassin, she returns home on a mission to kill the crown princess—her own sister—and hand the country over to the rebels. That is, until she makes an unexpected ally who gives her hope there might be another way.

Sibba wants nothing more than to be free, but her journey to save her brother reveals that instead, her destiny may lie in a land across the sea. A land rife with turmoil, rich in magic and revenge, where a new queen is about to take the throne.

Two girls, two worlds, and one destiny collide in the first installment of this new fantasy series that is a must-read for fans of Morgan Rhodes, Sarah J. Maas and Kristin Cashore. Available exclusively on Amazon, free in Kindle Unlimited. Add it to your Goodreads lists here.

The Life & Death of Cora Svanros, available inside the anthology, “Mirrors & Thorns.” Out now!

Cora Svanros, a self-sacrificing slave girl with an iron will, wants nothing more than to protect her little sister. Sold into slavery after the death of their mother, she’s spent the last eight years being tortured by Raenar Hallowtide, a cruel young chief with an unusual ability. When a seer tells her that to defeat him, she must pluck three feathers from the Crow of Malos, she knows she must try, even if it means dying to get what she needs.

THE LIFE & DEATH OF CORA SVANROS is a companion story in The Lost Fields series, available on Amazon and all book retailers.


“Little Mage,” available in the Kingdoms of Iron & Stone anthology of epic fantasy short stories. Out now and free in Kindle Unlimited!