Writer Wednesday: T.A. Hernandez

WriterWednesday5I’ve talked before about the balancing act required when you write, but today’s featured author, T.A. Hernandez, takes the cake. She answers my questions below about how she does it as a writer, a mother, a beta reader, and a student, and shares some original artwork and info on her books below.

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Writer Wednesday: Eliza David

WriterWednesday2Welcome back to Writer Wednesday. Today, I have indie romance writer Eliza David, whose slogan is: “Naughty Mind. Big Mouth. Strong Liver.” How can you not want to read what she has to say? Read her Q&A below, and find out how to pre-order her next release, Savage, scheduled to go live on 9/30/2016. You don’t want to miss it!

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Guest Post: Balancing Writing and Working Full-Time

quotescover-JPG-25Although writing feeds my soul, like many writers, I’ve had to work full-time jobs in order to feed the rest of me. My last full-time job was as an academic advisor at a large university, where I worked at least forty hours a week and sometimes more. Most days, the job was emotionally draining because I was tasked with helping hundreds of young adults figure out course schedules, decide on majors, and navigate a host of academic and personal issues. The last thing I wanted to do when I came home was tackle my latest work-in-progress.
So some days, I didn’t. And that’s okay.

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Writer Wednesday: Megan Crewe

WriterWednesday5I am so excited to welcome YA indie author Megan Crewe on today’s Writer Wednesday feature! Don’t miss my earlier review of her upcoming novel, A Mortal Song, and check out her Q&A below as well as the links to her books. There’s a sweet deal going on if you pre-order A Mortal Song, so don’t miss it!

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Review: A Mortal Song by Megan Crewe

A Mortal SongI hereby declare this the “Week of A Mortal Song” here on the blog, as I bring to you a two-part feature on Megan Crewe and her upcoming YA novel. I had the tremendous honor of reading an advance copy of A Mortal Song, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this amazing story with you today. Then be sure to tune in on Writer Wednesday, when the author answers all of my nosy questions! Without further ado…

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Writer Wednesday: Michael Marcondes

WriterWednesday3Welcome to Writer Wednesday! Here in the South, it’s finally starting to cool down. Of course, that means the air in the morning is slightly crisp, even though the hottest part of the day still reaches above 90 degrees. We’re roasting, yes, but there’s an end in sight! Today’s featured author is Michael Marcondes, who has published both non-fiction and sci-fi novels. Read on for more information on his writing habits, his books, and his future plans! All the links you need are below.
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Writer Wednesday, Cover Reveal & GIVEAWAY: K.M. Tremills

WriterWednesday5I’m going to start by telling you how amazing this week’s author has been. KM Tremills, or Kate, is a novelist, a screenwriter, and a speaker as a member of the Fiction Vixens. She’s been a joy to work with, and has even let me give you the first glimpse at her new covers! She’s also generously offered to send one of you a signed paperback of her YA Fantasy novel, Messenger. I hope that you will take the time to read her thoughtful answers, and discover her work below. And, of course, enter the giveaway. As always, all the links are below!

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My Top 5 Non-YA Reads

paper-1100254_1920One of my work friends asked me what I was reading this week, and when I told her, she asked about the story.

“It’s a YA-” I started.

“A what?”

“A young adult nov-”

“You’re not a teenager! Don’t you read anything real?”

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Writer Wednesday: Clare Worley

WriterWednesday4I really love how Writer Wednesday is connecting me to artists of all different types. This week I interviewed British musician and author Clare Worley. Below you’ll find links to listen to samples of her music and read some of her writing on Wattpad. Don’t forget to say hi to her on Twitter, too!

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