Guest Post: Five Ways to Stay Positive While Querying

teskey guest postQuerying is a long, hard road. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned since I began the process.

If you are going to query be prepared for rejections…lots of them. Since I started my career in radio, I was familiar with the process. Before I got my first job in radio, I mailed out dozens of demo tapes to radio stations all over the province–and I was rejected by them all…repeatedly.

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The Crystal Tour: Fire Falling Review

Fire-Falling-DarkIn case you haven’t heard, there is an awesome fantasy series called Air Awakens, written by Elise Kova, an inspiring indie author who I semi-stalk on Twitter and Instagram. She is a writing machine, getting down thousands of words a day, churning out a book every three months. I’m the ultimate lurker, keeping quiet and peeking around corners. But then I jumped on the chance to join her Crystal Tour celebrating the upcoming release of the final book in the five-book series, Crystal Crowned. At the time, I had only read Air Awakens, the first book in the series, so I volunteered to read and post a review for Fire Falling, the second book. I’m excited to share my thoughts on Fire Falling. There’s also a link down below to a huge raffle and other events in the Crystal Tour.

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Writer Wednesday: CJ Wright

CJ Wright Books
Books by CJ Wright

Today’s Writer Wednesday features British author and publishing coach CJ Wright. He and I exchanged Q&A’s (you can find my interview here) so I’m super-excited to welcome him to my blog today. Read on for more information about his books, and make sure to follow him on social media. The links you need are below!

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Guest Post: 5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Author

keyboard-621830_960_720It’s tough being a writer. You stumble across all sorts of obstacles at nearly every bend: writer’s block, stubborn characters, dialogue that refuses to come naturally, paragraphs that have to be written and rewritten and yet rewritten again. The list is endless. In fact, finishing your story may seem like a huge accomplishment—and it is. A boatload of writers don’t even make it that far. So if you’ve completed your novel, you’re already ahead of millions of other aspiring authors. However, once that manuscript is complete, your work has only just begun.

If you want to break above the pack of thousands of other authors already out there clamoring for an audience and, of course, success, it’s going to require some extra effort—but that effort will be worth it at the end. Here are five simple steps that will inch you closer to your dream of becoming a sensational author.

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Writer Wednesday: Gail Baugniet

BLOOD RED HOMICIDE COVER 3.24.16 2337 front cover swans

Welcome to Writer Wednesday! Today’s post features mystery author Gail Baugniet. The fifth book in her Pepper Bibeau series, Blood Red Homicide, comes out on 6/24. She was gracious enough to answer questions about her writing processes and her books. Don’t forget to find her on social media. All the links you need are below.

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Guest Post: When You Should Be Writing

quotescover-png-64How many times have you sat down at your computer, fully intending to put masterful thought to paper and then come up blank? Your fingers hover over the keyboard, typing a few choice words. You pause for a few seconds contemplating your next thought but, instead, hit the delete button. Your mind scrambles. I know I had something I wanted to write about. But what?!

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Free-Write Friday: A Muse-ical

audience-868074_1920First, a confession. I have NOT been good at free-writing this week. I have been killing it on the first draft of Book 2, writing over 7,000 words this week, but I have not been putting aside the time to write much in the mornings. I’m still going to share a little something, but it’s not much. Make sure you read to the end, because I have a challenge for you!

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