Review: A Bond of Venom & Magic by Karen Tomlinson

October is going to be a fun month! I have features with four amazing indie authors, and the book reviews to go along with them. First up is Karen Tomlinson, whose debut book, A Bond of Venom & Magic, comes out on October 14th. I had the pleasure of reading an ARC, and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.

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A Bond of Venom and Magic (The Goddess and the Guardians, Book 1)

The Wraith Lord is hunting; his prize, the key to unleashing darkness and Chaos upon the eight Kingdoms.
For Diamond Gillon the war raging in the south seems a remote danger until she loses everything she holds dear. After her home is brutally attacked Diamond is catapulted into a terrifying new world in which legendary beasts arise, magic is condemned and half blood fae, like her, have no rights. Diamond is drawn ever closer to her saviour Commander Hugo Casimir. Despite her growing feelings for him, Hugo remains a paradox, not only is he a heartless killer, he is owned by the cruel immortal fae queen; a queen who will murder her own people for magic. Will Hugo become her friend, her protector or an enemy not worthy of her trust?

As Diamond’s circumstances become ever more perilous she is drawn deeper into Hugo’s world and discovers the lengths to which he will go to save what he holds dear.

A Bond of Venom and Magic is a tale of two people bound by magic and secrets, but trapped in the complexities of love and betrayal. It is the beginning of an epic journey, one that will test Diamond’s resolve and determination to battle an evil that threatens not only her world but that of Eternity, the land of The Goddess and the Guardians.

My Mini-Review

In A Bond of Venom and Magic we have an epic fantasy at its finest: full of adventure, magic, and endearing characters. You can really tell the amount of work that Tomlinson put into building such an original world. The magic, the places, and the different creatures (Fae! Seekers! Wraiths!) are so realistically portrayed that at no point did I find myself doubting the story that the author was telling.

Diamond is the heroine, and she is no weakling. She is strong and smart, persevering in the face of extreme danger. Hugo is her reluctant hero, somewhat dark to Diamond’s light, but dedicated to her all the same. Prince Jack Oden is the more typical hero and I enjoyed the time he and Diamond spent together in the forest, but not as much as I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Diamond and Hugo.

Both the adventure and the romance kept me turning the virtual pages of my Kindle, and I am so excited for the second book!

Use the links above to pre-order your copy so you can get in on this amazing new YA fantasy. Also make sure you come back on Wednesday for an author interview with the amazingly talented Karen Tomlinson.

Until then! <3 Cassidy

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