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WriterWednesday7Alright guys, here is my last Writer Wednesday before NaNoWriMo kicks my butt, but it’s a good one. Jason Black is the sci-fi indie author of the Titan Fleet series, available now. Read on to learn more about Jason, his writing style, and his books. Of course all the links you need are below!


Hi Jason! Let’s start at the beginning. When and why did you begin writing?

I have always enjoyed writing stories, even as a child, but when my Mum passed away in August 2013, I wanted to keep a promise to her that I would finish a book.  This is when I really started to be serious about getting a book published.

Give me some insight into your writing process. Are you a pantser or plotter?

I am definitely a plotter.  I like to be quite organised in my everyday life, so that spills over into my writing life. I jot down ideas in my ‘Sparks Book’ and as the ideas develop, I transfer notes into Scrivener and plot out the book.

Tell me about your journey to publication.

quotescover-png-49I am an indie, self-published author.  One day a big book publisher may discover me, but until then I like to take my destiny into my own hands.  My wife actually edits and publishes my work for me. We are a great team.

Where did you draw your inspiration for your Titan Fleet series?

My inspiration for sci-fi comes from many childhood years of watching sci-fi movies and TV, and a general interest in space and wanting to be an astronaut.

Do you mind sharing your “elevator pitch” for the third book in your Titan Fleet series? When will it be released?

The third book in the Titan Fleet series, if I was to be honest, has been put on hold at the moment because I have several horror books in the pot, but I would imagine I would come back to it sooner if my fans wanted me to.  The premise of the book is the Invictus crew and the survivors of books 1 & 2 settling on a new unexplored planet, where they find new challenges and new ways to survive. The title is Titan Fleet: The Fahrenheit.

You also have a poetry collection, Life’s Little Song. What can readers expect from the collection?

quotescover-png-51It is a small collection of poems and ramblings from me, my personal insight into life’s small and inspiring moments that are sometimes missed during our rush through life. I wanted to share my feelings with people in the hope of bringing a smile and warmth to their lives.  It has recently gone to No.1 in Amazon’s best sellers list for both inspirational and contemporary poetry.  I feel like I am sharing part of me with others, expressing my delight in the world around us.

I saw on your website that you’re working on a thriller. What can you tell me about it?

I guess the thriller has turned into more of a horror now.  I was complimented on my gory scenes in The Invictus, so set about exploring that side of my imagination.  I was worried at first that I would be perceived to be a bad person, because it is quite nasty, but I am sure both horror and thriller fans will love this book, and I’m sure they will only like me for it. It is based on one man’s life and how he deals with the struggles of everyday pressure of his work life and peer pressure.  It is called Snapped.

What inspired you to switch from sci-fi to other genres? Has your writing process changed between genres?

My writing process itself has stayed the same, but my mind and imagination has been opened up to new genres, I suppose, as I am discovering more about my writing voice, and about what my readers want from me.  I like my readers to actually ‘feel’ from my book, rather than just read it.  I explore this with the happy side of feelings with Life’s Little Song, and now I’m exploring the darker side with Snapped.  I’ve discovered from Titan Fleet that my readers loved to be scared, and as an author, I want to give them what they want to read.

Who is your biggest supporter? Give them a shout-out!

Without a doubt my wife, Sara. She gives me encouragement, praise, and a good telling-off when I need it. She keeps me on the straight and narrow, gives me deadlines, someone to bounce ideas off, and edits and publishes for me.  She is also writing a book, so we enjoy brainstorming sessions and help each other.

What book are you reading now?

I have just started to read Among the Shrouded by Amalie Jahn.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, what is your Hogwarts house and why?

It would have to be Hufflepuff for me. My family are very important to me, as are my friends and I am caring for othequotescover-png-30rs feelings and happiness. I enjoy making new friends, and I enjoy nature and the world around me.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love to travel, my favourite destination being Italy, where I have made some very good friends. I like to walk in the woods, eating out, going to the cinema. I also do some fire spinning with a fire staff.  I’m just like everyone else really.

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me at:



Jason J Black AuthorTITAN FLEET: THE INVICTUS – Volume 1

When a battle for his life brings Pace to the attention of Prime Lady Eve Thorn, the simple engineer is thrust into a world of war and conspiracy.   What starts off as a simple space salvage mission for much needed resources soon becomes a mission to save the last human settlement in the galaxy.

Can Pace save the crew of The Invictus that have become his family, from an evil alien species hell bent on wiping out the human race?  Can he warn the inhabitants of Foloss in time?  Will love survive the journey?  Is Pace up to the challenge?

Jason J Black AuthorTITAN FLEET: THE ROBUR – Volume 2

Crash landing on an alien planet, Megan Frost, Acting Captain of The Robur, is thrust into a fight, both for her own survival, and also the survival of an entire species. She is pitted against not only new and frightening alien adversaries, but also enemies of old.

Can she help the Gulmeds reach the city of their ancient ancestors?

Can she put the past to rest?

Can she find her way off the planet and back to her new love?

Jason J Black AuthorLIFE’S LITTLE SONG: A Book of Poetry and Ramblings

This book is about the little things in the world that we tend to miss in our everyday rush through life. Our world is such a beautiful place, yet we sometimes fail to notice this.

Taking some time for ourselves to rest, recharge and de-stress can help us to be more creative and inspired. Taking a look at the world, animals and people surrounding us can help us to be more compassionate, helpful and loving.

I wrote these poems and ramblings in those early morning hours when only the birds are awake, when the rest of the world still slumbers and all is still and quiet.

I hope you can find the same kind of peace yourself, perhaps while reading this book.

jason-j-black-author-photoJason J Black was born and still lives in Bristol in the United Kingdom, with his wife, Sara.

Jason had a happy childhood of stories and adventure, where his imagination was encouraged and thrived. Jason has always enjoyed writing short stories throughout his life, and enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy and horror stories, as well as some poetry. He hopes that his readers are able to feel the emotion that he tries to invoke in his books.

Jason wrote his first book after the sad passing of his mother, Jean Black in 2013, which drove him to achieve his dream of having a published novel.  He writes because he simply loves to write, but he hopes that his writing will excite the reader and encourage them to read more, especially those that struggle to read.

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