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WriterWednesday3Welcome to Writer Wednesday! Here in the South, it’s finally starting to cool down. Of course, that means the air in the morning is slightly crisp, even though the hottest part of the day still reaches above 90 degrees. We’re roasting, yes, but there’s an end in sight! Today’s featured author is Michael Marcondes, who has published both non-fiction and sci-fi novels. Read on for more information on his writing habits, his books, and his future plans! All the links you need are below.

Hi Michael! Let’s start at the beginning. When and why did you begin writing?
I’ve always enjoyed writing but amazingly enough, not so much reading. I used to skip parts of high school reading assignment because reading would put me to sleep. I started writing when I was a teenager on a Sci-Fi time travel story but couldn’t finish because of my lack in knowledge about government affairs in cold war time. After that I stopped I got busy with jobs I held and life in general until 2006/7 when I wrote a new Sci-Fi and science mix time traveler book, The Traveler the beginning, which is out now.

Are you a pantser or plotter?

Well, on this question I’d have to say neither and both. I have the entire major outline of any book I start writing in my head for months as it develops and then I start writing it down once I have it start to finish. It becomes more defined in details and developing of the characters as I am writing. On the 1st draft everyone and everything gets its personality and structure, then when I do the re-reads I make the adjustments and add more details and make corrections.

Describe your typical writing day.

Unfortunately with my almost always weekly changing work schedule I have no structures writing schedule. I can go weeks and months without doing a single thing and then I get a weekend or week of down time and, wham – I write entire chapters all at once.

Tell me about your journey to publication.

Marcondes quote 1Publication has been a hard, long and tiring road filled with a lot of disappointment. From what I see now, after I spent around a year of researching what I needed to know about Indie publication vs. publishers vs. using agents I still didn’t know enough. While I was searching for a publisher and found a Christian based place whom I called on the phone. We made a deal and arrangements for the books. Over time I started to see a trend in the publisher who really wasn’t helping much since the books came out. A year and a half later I’ve struggled to market myself and do mostly everything including foot huge multi-thousand dollar bills to get known while trying to balance life, several family tragedies and an ever changing monthly career schedule. It’s taught me a lot, which I believe as a Charismatic Christian author was what I probably needed as part of a great future that is coming. Because of the hard road I was forced to take to get to where I am now I believe I will be able to offer my reading fans someone awesome surprises in the future – which I am currently in progress of now. Hint, hint!

Where did you draw your inspiration for The Traveler? What do you want readers to take away from the story? 

When I was young in the 70’s, a neighborhood friend, some other kids, and I used to make movies with 8mm projectors and write scripts for them. We also made cassette recording of our own version of a radio station broadcast, so we were very imaginative. I started a book back then; currently, I am five chapters into the first draft. This is the original first book I had in my head. Much of my writing comes to me when I am asleep or partially awake towards morning, and that’s how The Traveler got its start. For the readers, it’s a mix of real time science and Sci-Fi, which I expect will give them a rollercoaster ride as they read along. I’d like to inspire the reader to get an interest in technology, space and science that are constantly in flux at an astoundingly fast pace around us all the time.

What themes do you explore in Life Explained: A Journey to Selfless Love?

Being that this book is non-fiction/self help and that I am Charismatic, the entire set of twenty-one chapters were written with Holy Spirit inspiration as I prayed, often while writing to “not have my own thoughts and influence corrupt the book text.” The theme is totally selfless love-based; each chapter has a main subject to it as the titles show. I am drawn to write on subjects that people need answers to. Sometimes their answers may span several chapters, depending on the complexity of their problems or questions. I talk to the reader through the text about these particular situations that they or someone they know maybe have faced or are facing at this time and need answers. I then quote Bible scripture to show them that the Bible has all the answers to their modern life questions and problems. Quoting a total of over 300 scriptures throughout the book, I ask the reader to ponder how they got here, their past, future and what changes are needed to thrive and not just survive through life!

What are some of your long-term goals?

I have two other books in progress right now – a Christian fiction and another Sci-Fi. With God’s help I plan to complete these and make them available and also to lower my current book and EBook prices by whatever means I need to making them more easily attainable by everyone worldwide. My future plan is to commit to writing full time and get myself out of the eighteen-year computer and networking career that I am currently working in.

What is your most challenging aspect of writing?

For me, scheduling time to write is most challenging. I read articles stating that you should write a little something every day. While that would work for many people, I need to be in the thick of the storyline and characters lives for many hours in succession without hardly any interruptions to keep a flow going. Having something to write isn’t a problem for me at all.

What’s the happiest moment you’ve lived as an author? 

First off for me it’s between being at a book event sale when I see the person’s face after we talk some about me, their lives and the book. Seeing that they are smiling and excited to have a copy to read now. Secondly I think it’s once I’ve finally written the book as well and completely as I can before it goes to someone to edit and I see how the entire story has run it’s course.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

When I’m not working or writing, I like to watch the Sci-Fi channel, documentaries or science shows on T.V. and also attending family get-togethers like cookouts and birthday parties, or grandchildren’s high school fashion show events.

Where can we find you on social media?

FACEBOOK          TWITTER          WEBSITE          GOODREADS          PINTEREST

The Traveler The Beginning

Jason Maxwell travels to the future to see man’s progression good or bad. After creating a time chamber and preliminary testing he decides to go himself bringing along what he needs to survive and to integrate himself into future societies in his future timeline jumps.

Life Explained: A Journey to Selfless Love

This Christian-based book is both inspirational and self-help. It takes one subject per chapter that people need help with in their lives giving them scriptural verses related to what topics are covered and explain how to change themselves their lives their outlook and the benefits of doing so.

Author Michael Marcondes

As a child, like so many of us, I wanted to be a fireman, astronaut, policeman, and oddly enough, an archaeologist too. I’’ve worked in factories, landscaping, retail and sales, and now have been working as a computer contractor and consultant for over eighteen years. I’’ve self-trained myself to do many things since those days, and I always had a vivid imagination, a longing to go into space, to fly, and other things. I started several science fiction books when I was young. I love watching science and science fiction movies, documentaries, and many times I even take notes to refer to in the future. I’’ve always had a desire to invent, but never really had that financial backing to make things happen, so you can see where this book gets its inspiration from. Married on Valentine’s Day two decades ago.

Thanks for joining us Michael! If you have any questions for him, please comment below. If you would like to be featured on Writer Wednesday, send me an email at cassidytaylorauthor@gmail.com.

Until next time! <3 Cassidy

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