Writer Wednesday: Paul Chaplin

Author Paul Chaplin

Author Paul Chaplin

Welcome back to Writer Wednesday. Today I get to introduce you to British indie author Paul Chaplin, whose published works include two books in a sci-fi series and a murder mystery. Read our Q&A and then check out his books. All the links you need are below.

Let’s start with a little bit about you. Where are you from? When and how did you first get into writing?

I was born in Walthamstow, E17, London but grew up in Chingford, Essex. I now live in Suffolk, with my Wife and cats. I was inspired to write by my love of science fiction. Star Wars set me on my way, but 70’s & 80’s science fiction on television really got me thinking about a plot inspired by Blakes’7, but it wasn’t until 2012 about 25 years later I got the chance to write as I was unemployed for a time. Getting started was by far the most difficult but when I did as I have told many people, it played like a film in my mind.

Tell me about your writing and editing processes. 

My first book was all made up as I went a long, but from book number two, I plot plan and intersperse these with ideas or revelations. Then, when I right it is a simple process of filling in the gaps. The entire process takes about 18 months. Four months of writing, ten months to edit along side my friendly editor Nina. A few months to fund the cover art and wait for the Proofreaders/Beta readers to have their say.

When I’m writing I like to write a little every day rather than lock myself into marathon sessions.

What inspired your decision to self-publish your first novel, A Clone Legacy, and its sequel, A Clone Sacrifice? What has your experience been like as an indie author?

It was an easy decision for me to choose to self-publish because I came to writing late I thought I didn’t have the time to wait for a miracle like a traditional publisher signing me up.

My experience as an Indie Author has been very good. It’s been a massive learning curve but with the help of some amazing other authors I have definitely improved as a writer. I love reading a review where someone enjoyed my stories, that’s great.

I decided that I needed to push myself so I also wrote a murder/mystery/thriller of sorts called A Dark Persecution which was more difficult writing in the here and now! Not just my weird imagination where I could do or say anything but still enjoyable. Generally Sci-Fi doesn’t have as wide appeal as the more mainstream so this has been more popular.

You said that A Clone Legacy played like a film in your head when you were writing it. What actor could you see playing Torb?

An actor to play Torb would be a slightly slimmer & older Nick Frost.

Your second book is a murder mystery inspired by a nightmare. Can you describe A Dark Persecution in one sentence?

Living your worst nightmare and being punished for all your mistakes.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently plot planning and researching two books. The first is A Clone Evolution to make my Clone series a trilogy, and the second is called A Bright Circle of Darkness where I return to murder/mystery/thriller genre. Inspector Campbell from Persecution is back and he’s in a lot of trouble!

Do you have any advice for writers that are considering self-publishing?

My advice would be to take your time, get as many people as possible lined up as potential readers on social media or even word of mouth down the pub, but you must build an audience, the bigger the better otherwise no one will know it exists.

What book are you reading now?

I’m currently reading Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I enjoy my part time job and love watching sport with the occasional flutter just for fun.

Thanks for reading! Make sure you follow Paul at the following social media sites for news about his upcoming releases.




A Clone Legacy is a Science Fiction book loosely based on Blakes’ 7 If you don’t know what that is take a moment to have a look on line and pay special attention to the special effects which are hysterical, although the scripts were superb. Torb a very lonely middle aged man has found his parents murdered and whilst trying to learn why embarks on a life changing journey. He discovers that everything he knew about his past is wrong and he must try to discover the truth if he is to have any chance of a future! Along the way he must learn how to make friends, re-populate a desolate planet with a mysterious race. Also save a strange beast from extinction. Avoid any involvement with Political parties that for some reason wish to silence him forever. Not least his must conquer his emotional immaturity and fear of his own feelings to allow himself to fall in love with a beautiful woman. Finally to secure the safety of his friends he must successfully navigate his way through a black hole. In his spare time he wants to reduce his rapidly expanding waist line.


A Clone Sacrifice is the eagerly awaited follow up to my unique debut book A Clone Legacy. This is a gentle form of Science Fiction inspired by the classic 1980’s stuff. This focuses on the relationships and trust a group of friends needs to build to give themselves a foundation and chance of survival. It is hoped this will appeal to all but the youngest of readers as swearing and adult themes are avoided.

It is a tumultuous time for Torb’s group, tension and emotions are running high as they struggle to stay alive in the Unchartered Zone in a now unfamiliar ship. Their future becomes increasingly fraught as Torb’s behaviour becomes erratic and secretive.

A fact finding mission is suddenly dropped on them and quickly escalates only to be brought to a shuddering stop by health problems for one of the group. This forces them to retrace their steps and re visit one of their old stomping grounds, where they quickly discover all isn’t well and Torb’s behaviour takes a sinister turn for the worse. Sadly their number is reduced and Meda must undertake a mercy mission which maroons the remainder of the nervous group.

Jenka battles to control and hold together the bunch of unlikely friends as a murderous enemy indicates its intention to confront them and ruin their plan to escape to a new universe forever. More than ever the group need Torb to demonstrate clear leadership but he has gone missing leaving a devastated Jenka to raise their child alone. Al must face and come to terms with some harsh facts about the history of his race.

Guidance from an unlikely source heaps more pressure on the fragile individuals as they are forced to fight and run for their lives. Under these extreme conditions strange bonds are forged and unexpected heroes rise to the challenge if only someone can solve the puzzle of the missing code. The difference between success and failure is on a knife edge but all of the group must keep the faith, just as success is within grasp sinister beings are starting to grow stronger poisoning the atmosphere with dark malice.

Is their future worth such a sacrifice…


A Dark Persecution is a murder mystery inspired by a dream, or maybe it was a nightmare, about a room full of people that you would give the world never to see again, but have been bribed to turn up at a large country home.
Flavoured with some amazing true life experiences and a good measure of complete fantasy, through the journey of the story we follow Peter Chapman, a depressed failed author with a string of broken marriages behind him. History has repeatedly demonstrated that he has been unable to resist temptation and as a result he is first drawn into and then embroiled in a web of confusion, accusation and murder. With the help of an emotionally under developed and bitterly lonely copper, they begin to work out a direction to move in, but the stakes for Peter can’t be higher. His life is in danger and his marriage is at risk. His sanity and patience are pushed to the limit and the greatest fear of all is that if he survives he might never discover why a series of seemingly unexplained and apparently unlinked events keep pointing the finger at his past.

Author Paul Chaplin

Author Paul Chaplin

I’m a 48 year old teenager, I hated school but loved English, Of Mice and Men was a book that made a big impression on me. I’m totally in awe of Agatha Christie and can’t understand how she could write like that! Most of my working life was in London in jobs I hated, after I escaped I have had and left a long list of jobs that have provided some great life experiences. I always wanted to write but it wasn’t until unemployment gave me the opportunity that I was finally able to start. My early inspiration was classic Science Fiction (Blake’s 7) but a more recent fuel for my determination was the reaction of Family and Friends to my announcement of my ambition to write 3 books. Laughter and derision are a powerful stimulus! My 1st book wasn’t written in a standard fashion I had an idea for a start that took numerous attempts to get right but then the story played like a film in my head I just battled to write it down fast enough to keep up, sometimes. My 2nd book was inspired by a nightmare and I planned and developed this in a more traditional way. My 3rd will be available by the end of 2015, he says laughing cockily. I never said they’d be good!

Thanks for reading. If you have any other questions for Paul, leave them below. If you would like to be featured on Writer Wednesday, email me at cassidytaylorauthor@gmail.com. Writers of any genre, at any stage in your career, are welcome.

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